BBQ great start of the season and trail day approching

The BBQ last Saturday was a success, more than 120 people were there to celebrate the start of the biking season. Thank you to everyone that was there and to all the people that helped make the event a success. Have a great season!

The national trail day is approaching, will you be a part of it with us ? It is next Saturday June 2.

Meeting spot: 10 o’clock behind the church.

Come and help us eliminate a few mud holes that have been haunting our dreams 🙂 hihihi! We will be working at the end of Indian Stream near the junction of panache, filling out the mud holes with rocks. It’s a great way to give back to trails while having and good working in excellent company.

Recommended Equipment

Pry Bar
Gloves and boots
A lunch
round shovel
Rogue, Puslaski and Mcleod if you have them
Your great energy and smile

Thank you and see you June 2.

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