We are closed

Usually there are many good reasons to ride our trails but these days there are more reasons not to come ride our trails. We are closed and it is prohibited to be in our trails.

– We are in a social distancing period and mountain bikers are matures and responsables people (right?)
– The police department asked us to close our trails until further notice
– We are in a social distancing period
– Our first responders are in the United States.
– We are in a social distancing period
– All access to our territory and locked and under surveillance
– It is illegal to park on the side of the road, you will received a ticket if you do
– We are not supposed the have gathering so that means no riding with friends
– The parking lot behind the church is closed and under surveillance
– There are still some sections covered in snow
– The trails are not dried up yet to be able to ride without damaging them
– We want to be respectful with the local community that are always happy to welcome us
– We want to keep our access to these trails so please be respectful of this closure
– We are in a social distancing period

Thank you for your usual collaboration and see you on the other side of this wave

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