26 May 2024

Bike Trails are open (except Doctorat, Maîtrise et Roche Voisine).

Circuits Frontières

The bike trail map is available on the Ondago mobile app. We strongly recommend that you download the free Ondago app before leaving home. Cellular network coverage is rather poor in our area!

Bike departure point

Choosing the right bike departure point and parking …

Departure from the Village

This option requires you to start your bike ride with a sustained 40-60 minute climb to the Houle parking lot. You need to be in good or excellent physical shape to enjoy this starting point. Not recommended for children.

This parking lot is very popular as a starting point for beginner and intermediate cyclists, or for those who enjoy less uphill riding. Located at the heart of the network, this parking lot offers several types of loops for all levels of cyclist.

This departure point is used to get quickly to the trails at the summit of Mont Hereford, where you’ll find the more advanced Enduro trails. This parking lot eliminates the need for a shuttle to reach the summit.

Starting point for direct access to the Enduro downhill trails. It is possible to do a shuttle, leaving a second vehicle in one of the three other parking lots.

Mountain bike Trail conditions

26 May 2024

Bike Trails are open (except Doctorat, Maîtrise et Roche Voisine).


Consult our summer and winter maps at any time. The mountain bike trail map is accessible on the Ondago mobile app